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The Smile Co. Photography Center

For the love of art and passion for memories captured in eternity, we at The Smile Co., have dedicated our lives to preserving the beauty of life in our photographs. We would like to share the moments, the laughter, the tears, the events that make you remember that special day every time you glance at our photographs.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Mike and Hazel Engagement

Our dream for Mike and Hazel is about to come true. We've been rooting for their big day since 2005, and finally they're tying the knot this January 16, 2010. It is both an honor and priviledge to be their wedding photographers - and a ton load of pressure mind you! Mike and Hazel are not just photographers, but avid health buffs too. We met them at Serendra one beautiful morning for their first set of engagement photos. Their concept, was to show what they do as a couple to have fun while staying fit. I was green with envy. I knew I needed some workout but I'm not ready for running yet. The next day we went to UP Diliman to witness Mike's and Hazel's prowess with yoga. They were so inspiring to photograph because you could feel the love flowing through them. I've had headaches fighting over with Cleo which photo to display since there were so many to choose from! Let me share some pictures and hope you enjoy them as much as we loved taking them. We'll share more photos on the slideshow we created for them after we their wedding :)

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